Why Choose Us?

Trying to decide between a few different Music or Dance

Schools to enroll at?


Joy Performing Arts is not just another training facility for the arts, but a center known for technical excellence and a positive atmosphere.

We are an arts center where professional and non-professional students, children through adults, will come to develop their gifts and talents as they further their ability to minister effectively through the arts and pursue their professional aspirations.

Parents love our positive atmosphere as well as the variety of classes available for everyone in the family. We continually strive to add to the ease of families with varied arts being offered at the same location, which cuts down in travel time and allows for your children pursuing different interests in the arts to often be at the studio at the same time, freeing up your schedule and adding some hours in your day. Classes are offered for the recreational students who are just interested in having fun, as well as those students who desire to increase their skills, strength, flexibility, and technique for other activities, sports, events, and ministries. Additionally their is always training for those students who want to stay sharp for auditions in theatre,voice and band gigs of every kind.

JPA is an environment that allows for every student at every age to explore their many God given talents. For those committed, serious students, who are working toward a professional career in music, dance, voice, or musical theater, we offer private lessons, company classes, concert performances, and a variety of outreach opportunities and award winning competition dance companies.