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FALL 2017-2018 Foundational Classes:

Move It Baby:

For our youngest aspiring dancers. Progressive large motor skill development and pre-ballet.


Aspiring dancers will benefit from this fun beginning class that will emphasize correct posture and alignment necessary for all forms of dance. This class highlights progressive large motor skill development, spatial awareness, rhythm, balance and flexibility through the use of hula-hoops, maracas, tambourines, ribbons, balance beams, mini tramps, and progressive large motor skill directional dance songs. Students will do some tumbling and be introduced to Ballet and on occassion Tap.

Creative Arts:

This foundational combination class is for a beginning dancer up through the age they are ready to move into a leveled Ballet class and Tap/Jazz Fusion class concurrently. It combines ballet and tap for students 4-7 years old. For students 6-9 years of age with a minimum of 2 years of dance already, it combines ballet, tap, and an introduction to jazz. For Students ages 8 - 11, with prior Creative Arts experience, it provides ballet, tap, and foundational jazz techniques.


Ballet training provides your student the strong foundation needed for all forms of dance. Joy Performing Arts uses the traditional study of classical ballet utilizing the Checetti Method. The Checetti Method will help your child develop the grace and technical skills that come only with proper ballet training.

Beginning and Intermediate Tap and Jazz:

The Level I foundational class is the next step after Creative Arts. It is recommended that a student continues with a Level I/II Ballet class to achieve greater skill level in dance. Level II Tap and Jazz classes are offered back to back on the same evening for the dancer who is training in several different styles of dance at one time. This allows for a younger dancer to progressively excel as they continue to add to their curriculum.


Advanced Jazz:

To excel in jazz, the dancer should master ballet technique because it consists of slower movements that strengthens the body and improves balance. Both fluid and sharp movements, leaps and turns of jazz are enhanced considerably by a strong techinical foundation in ballet. Although we offer other classses of different styles of jazz, like contemporary and hip-hop, our foundational jazz class at JPA is defined as contemporary classical jazz infused with contemporary and modern.

Advanced Tap:

Tap is an American theatrical style of dance that has evolved into many different genres across the world. It is distinguished by percussive footwork that marks rhythmic patterns on the floor. Tap dancing develops rhythm, speed, agility, and coordination.

Advanced Ballet Training - Pre-Pointe/Pointe:

Dancing on Pointe is a continuation of advanced ballet training and requires strength, dedication and commitment. Students must have three to five years of consecutive leveled ballet training. Each student is considered on an individual basis and initial consideration is by teacher recommendation. As we are concerned with providing the best training for all of our students, students will only be placed on pointe after a detailed evaluation by our studio director and discretion will be exercised before placing students on Pointe.

EXTENDED DANCE STUDIES: For the Well Rounded Dancer or A La Carte


Acrobatics involves difficult feats of balance, agility and coordination. Students learn how to do basic tumbling skills from cartwheels all the way up to advanced tricks such as ariels, handsprings, tucks and everything you would do in gymnastics on the mats. The use of balancing partner work is used in every class. Through out the year, students will be working on improving their flexibility and mastering different tumbling skills.


Contemporary dance, built on the foundation of ballet, is a beautiful style that blends both ballet and jazz. Students will learn how to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. Movements in Contemporary dance are characterized by fluidity grace and strength. Leaps are executed high and with a soaring quality. Students registered in Contemporary I - IV must also be registered in a separate leveled Ballet Class.


This is a high energy, fast paced, freestyle form of dance. It combines many different elements such as popping, locking, freezing, stalls, crumping, and breakdancing, which in turn, incorporates acrobatical feats of strength and flexibility. Boys and girls of all ages love this athletic form of dance. Ability, movement, and flexibility are enhanced considerably by taking an acrobatic class in conjunction with Hip-Hop.


Company Classes:

Joy Performing Arts' Dance Companies provide professional dance training to students, ages 6 through College Age. JOY Companies strive to create a strong body, mind, and spirit while training in the sport of dance. Our companies provide the opportunity to participate in competitions on the local and national level. JOY companies provide support to the community through outreach and are available for events, mission trips, or outreach performances.


Special Events: Dance Revolution Conference:

Dance Revolution - for registered Joy Performing Arts Families, present and past. This is an event you won’t want to miss. Each year, JOY Performing Arts’ students flock to the annual Dance Revolution Convention. So, what is Dance Revolution, you might ask? Dance Revolution is a faith based ministry whose primary purpose is to bring about a Radical Change in the arts and impact dancers from the inside out.Their greatest desire is to take dancers to a new dimension…..” a dimension that is inspiring, powerful, and life changing.” Students are registered in association with JOY Performing Arts, but this is geared to be an amazing family weekend, filled with challenging classes for your dancer, many social events open to the whole family, and life changing worship. Dance Revolution offers a “banquet” of dance classes from which to choose within your student’s category. This weekend offers your child the opportunity to experience many styles of dance under the mentorship of dynamic Spirit-minded nationally recognized choreographers and teachers. Parents are encouraged to share in the experience and watch your child experience the difference that is Dance Revolution. Parents are expected to remain with their students and provide all chaperoning for their student and should register as observers. This annual event is held at the beautiful Omni Resort at Champions Gate. For more information about Dance Revolution and Hotel Information please visit the Dance Revolution Website at


Teen Combo-Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary:

This class is an exciting and innovative class designed specifically for teens, ages 14 and up. Teens will kick start their dance training by diving into Ballet/Ballet Technique, Jazz, Contemporary, and much more. Pairing this class with an appropriate level of Ballet will ensure the greatest advancement.


Continuing professional dance education that keeps you dancing and healthy. This is a fun way to stay fit and healthy.

All Access:

All Access is a combination class that has been specialized for the high-functioning student with special needs. Teachers will utilize as many art forms as possible to develop these high-functioning students into their own cohesive Dance Company.


Broadway Jazz- Musical Theatre:

Musical theatre dance is a class that focuses on different styles of theatrical dance. It involves learning combinations to music from Broadway Musicals in which there is a specific story that is being expressed in the dance. All musicals have a different story, therefore in musical theatre or Broadway style dance, you are always acting within the dance itself. This class is fun and exciting and students will be learning many different styles since the world of theatre dance is so versatile in styles. Some styles include: Luigi, Fosse, traditional, and comedy/character dance!

Private Music Lessons: Piano, Voice, and Guitar:

Students at Joy may take private lessons in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minutes per week. Outreach and year end performances are incorporated. Once you have registered, please call the studio at 407-365-5531 to secure the day/time for your student's lesson.

Group Music Lessons-Voice and Guitar:

Group Music Lessons are 60 minutes long. Students will meet weekly for 12 weeks in groups of no more than 6-8 students. Group lessons incorporate proper warms ups, music theory, reading group sheet music, and group performance experience.